Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Now there was a painter... two coats, one afternoon!

Having acquired a copy of Bob Cordery's 'Portable Wargame Compendium', I thought I might try out the '3 by 3 Fast Play' game setup that features heavily in the book. This  would  require a suitable gaming board/table, and I happened to have a cork noticeboard, originally bought for possible boardgame use. Assuming a grid of 6-inch squares with 'reserve' areas at each end, I needed an area of 30 inches by 18 inches, and the corkboard was amply sufficient.   So, taking advantage of a sunny Saturday:

Take a cork pinboard..

prime with diluted PVA glue..

apply green paint ( two coats )..

Mark the grid corners

Ready for battle!

All done in an afternoon, and I think it will be fine! The green paint is artfully the same shade as I use for figure bases  ( from B&Q, it glories in the name 'Ribbit' ), and the grid was marked with a permanant marker pen.  The grid squares will easily take two units as specified in the rules - or even two for each side at a pinch, I hope.  Bob's book has a section with many suggested terrain setups, so I borrowed one of them for the trial layout above - the board easily accomodates six units per side.  I am thinking of maybe painting the other side too, in some sort of sand shade,  for possible Ancients or Western Desert type games.   

Next, I'd better try actually playing a game..


p.s. need I explain the title?  ( though I admit I only knew it from Peter Sellars on Parkinson - I didn't realise he'd nicked it.. )   





  1. Please note, although I am a follower, you are not showing up on my blog page. I have to go into settings / reader to find you, so your posts will not be immediately obvious to followers unless they also check READER, which is unlikely.

    I don't properly know the reason for this, but I notice that in my reader list, those URL's that fail to get onto the from blog page under blog listings also do not have the text 'com/feeds/posts/default' after their basic URL.

    From what I can make out, at your end you need to go into settings, look up SITE FEED, click and allow FULL. I am assuming once done, it allows the google 'media' software to kick in and drag your newest post across to the blog widget displayed on most blogs front page.

    i may be wrong, but either way, you are not currently reaching your follows except by READER under the settings tab and I doubt many bloggers go there. Hope this helps. Norm.

    1. Norm, that’s really strange. I have a similar problem with other blogs…but not this one?!

    2. Thanks Norm, that's interesting as I have seen the same thing with some others' blogs. I think I have even edited the 'com/feeds/posts/default' text into the listing to get them to work for me.
      However, I checked the 'Site Feed' and it was already set to FULL! For good measure I have 'switched it off and on again' in time-honoured IT Fashion, which may or may not help.. If anyone else has encountered and fixed this issue, I'd welcome any advice.
      Meanwhile, I'm glad you found the post in the end, Norm! Thanks again.

  2. Nifty bit of work there. I can see myself following in your footsteps at some point soon.

    1. Thanks JBM! I think it will be quite handy for other small-scale games, as well as the 3x3 Portable Wargame. 2 x 3 feet is quite a useful size, given limited space.

  3. I have found the problem is at my end, but it is not just me, many of us might fall foul of not getting reader lists updated fully. I have my solution (thanks Ben) and have put a small post up to discuss the problem / solution, so that nobody is getting caught out. LINK


    1. thanks again Norm, I answered your first comment before seeing this one. I have encountered the same issue myself, so at least good to see it wasn't just me! I'm sure your post will be useful to others.

  4. I have so developed the habit of checking READER that don't keep a list of notifications. So that problem has passed me by. I find that READER list comprehensively covers my list, though I frequently have to scroll down to get everything from the last 24 hours!